The Sweet Smell of Home Selling

Lori Jones
Lori Jones
Published on November 26, 2019

When it comes to selling your home, you’ve got to think beyond how pretty it looks, how nice the shrubs are outside, and whether the paint color on the front door is a turn on, or a turn off.

It’s no secret that you’ve got to appeal to their sense of sight – if you want to sell your home fast (and at the best possible price, of course), you also need to pay attention to is smell.

No matter which you choose out of these smells that homebuyers love, it’s important to stick with one – or maybe two, if they’re complementary and the house is fairly large. No one wants to breathe in cinnamon-citrus-cedar cookies, there is such a thing as too much.


When it comes to cozy, comfy, “smells like home!” goodness, cinnamon tops the list. This scent practically screams, “Grandma! Apple pie! Americana!” so having it wafting through your home is sure to inspire good memories. A reed diffuser with cinnamon scented oil in the kitchen will give off the perfect vibe.


Unlike bleach, citrus is a GOOD clean smell. You don’t have to stick with orange or lemon, either – with all the products on the market, you can pick from grapefruit, clementine, lime, citron… the list goes on and on. Citrus scent is basically sunshine in a bottle, so apply liberally and give your home happy vibes in just about every room.

Clean laundry

Fresh linens smell awesome, but you know what smells even awesomer? Clean laundry YOU didn’t have to wash! Give buyers a sparkling fresh scent and they’ll feel good and relaxed without even realizing it. Keep your linens clean and then give your rooms a boost with a spray or an essential oil diffuser. Ahhhhh – smells like a high-end hotel.


If your home is at all rustic or woodsy, a cedar scent is a natural complement to the decor and architecture. Many people have a fantasy about living in the woods – help them indulge in it with this homey, natural scent. You can use oils, sachets, or even cedar wood furnishings – any of the above will give a warm, woodland aroma.

Fresh baked cookies

When all else fails, you can always rely on fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies to bring happiness to your buyers’ noses. If you don’t want to bust out the mixing bowls every time there’s an open house or a showing, even slice and bake cookies do the trick, so preheat that oven and make people fall in love with your home!

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