Make the Most of Your Space With These Small Bedroom Ideas

Lori Jones
Lori Jones
Published on January 14, 2020

Cramped bedroom causing you stress? We get it. These top 5 ideas with help bring life to your room and maximise your space. There are some small changes you can make for a big impact and give you some more space to breathe, and get changed in the morning.

1. Choose Accents That Add Color

You might think that all white is a good idea for your small space but don’t avoid color altogether, cooler colors in a bedroom work well as opposed to warm tones or you can’t fail with black-and-white always works and can be a good foundation to add a pop of color.

2. Cut Out Clutter

All the square footage in the world won’t make a difference if it’s crowded with stuff. Keep it clean, use in-cupboard storage and the less things on the floor (not including rugs) the better.

Think soft tones and minimal clutter

3. Choose Mounted Lights

As just mentioned, the less taking up your precious floor space, the better, so avoid floor lamps and table lamps. We know, this is turning into a Marie Kondo expedition, but those light fixtures are only going to take up the tiny bit of floor space you do have. Instead, choose a space-saving sconce to hang on the wall above your bed, ideally one with a swinging arm that can be adjusted to direct light downward (for reading) or into the rest of the room (for dance parties, et cetera). If you’re partial to pendant lights, one of those would work too.

4. Nature always helps

There’s no reason houseplants should be kept out of the bedroom— you can even consider potted indoor trees in small rooms. Plants can make a stuffy room feel fresh, too.

5. Be an illusionist

Another one of our favorite small bedroom ideas is to create the illusion of space. Hanging drapery as close to the ceiling as possible is a design trick that actually works, bringing the eye up. Another trick for picking curtains is to match the fabric to the wall color.

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