Plano Homes for Sale

Plano, with a 2015 population of over 271,000, is a prosperous place. Located in Collin County, the City received national attention as being the nation’s most affluent city and the best city to create wealth. Plano is known as being home to tons of major corporation headquarters along with housing several R&D operations for major technology giants. Along with being an affordable area with low taxes, housing prices, and unemployment rates, Plano’s Independent School District is nationally regarded.

Before settlement, Blackland Prairie covered the area horizon to horizon with tall grasses, wildflowers, and grazing herds of bison. In the 1840’s, the first settlers came to Plano to take advantage of land grants. Plano remained a small rural farming community throughout most of its early history. The arrival of the Houston and Texas Central Railway in 1872 linked the town to Dallas and Houston and new markets.

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